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“These may be the worst unemployment numbers for African-Americans in years. How is it that the overall unemployment numbers stay the same and black unemployment gets worse,” says the Congressional Black Caucus blog. In July, black unemployment numbers increased to 16.7%, as compared to 16% in June. Unemployment numbers are holding at 8.1% for whites, and there is a huge disparity when unemployment numbers are analyzed and compared to blacks at 16.7%.

There is a crisis in the African-American community for jobs, and there is a depression taking place. Many of the economists are calling the situation with the economy as double-dip recession, but blacks know it as a depression. There are no jobs, they can’t pay their bills, and unemployment checks and benefits are running out.

Even Newt Gingrich is criticizing President Obama, and calling our economy the “Obama Depression.” “No administration in modern time has failed younger blacks more than the Obama administration,” says Gingrich. Gingrich’s argument rest in the fact that 40% of American black teens this summer were unemployed, and he thinks that the Obama administration is not doing enough for black youth.

There is also in many African-American cities, the unemployment rate for black males is 50%. That means that 1 out of every 2 black male is standing or hanging out on street corners with no goals, no job, and no motivation to improve. As the job situation continues to deteriorate in the cities, there will be more violence, crime, and political disobedience. Political disobedience can take many different forms, but people are upset and angry.

In 2008, on the campaign trail President Obama said, “I still believe in affirmative action as a means of overcoming both historical and political current discrimination. But I think that it can’t be a quota system, and it can’t be something that is simply applies without looking at the whole person, whether that person is black, white, or Hispanic, male, or female.”

I am not sure what the president was referring to when he made that statement, but I inferred that the president meant in certain situations there is a need to develop programs to address certain conditions. With the African-American unemployment rate at 16.7%, it is time for the president to develop programs that specifically addresses the black job crisis.

It is essential that the African American community focus needs to be placed on job creation, and continuing pressure on all elected officials, and the president. We should first start with our own black officials, but we should not stop there. We must send emails, and make phone calls to all elected officials and their color should not matter.

In every urban community in America, there is a need for organizational collaborations, and there should be job marches. It is clear that urban communities and black workers need special attention, and the squeaky or noisy wheel gets a response.

As the president prepares for his joint Congress speech on jobs, he must fight for outcomes that meet high expectations. Many in our community will be looking for actions that address and restore economic viability in the urban community.

Some of the ideas that are being discussed are tax-free zones to attract business investment in the urban communities. Also there should be training programs and funding to support the development of the work force for businesses who locate in urban communities. Finally, there is a need for public works projects to help rebuild the urban infrastructure, and provide jobs immediately.

President Obama has the power and opportunity to develop programs and initiatives to improve the unemployment numbers in the African-American community. It will take courage, innovation, and resolve, but he can make a difference.


With just 11 days left in the 2016 presidential campaign, the FBI Director, James Comey, has announced there is new information on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and the investigation has been reopened. This is unprecedented in the history of American politics, and the question is, why now?

Hillary Clinton called it “strange” and “deeply troubling” that FBI Director Comey released a letter to Congress regarding new emails under review by his agency. “It’s pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election because voters deserve to get full and complete facts,” Clinton said at a campaign rally in Daytona Beach, Florida.

From the director’s point of view, he is doing his job, but many think this is nasty politics and what he’s doing makes no sense. Director Comely sent a letter to the chairman of several congressional committees, and said in the course of a separate investigation, officials uncovered more emails that “appear to be pertinent but may or may not be significant.”

Timing is everything in an election, and this announcement could not have come at a more critical point in the campaign. The letter is extremely vague and Democrats are urging, on behalf of a fair and impartial election, the FBI director to release any and all relevant facts.

But facts in the 2016 presidential election have been few and far between, and very difficult to ascertain. At times, both candidates have stretched the truth and Americans are extremely confused. In July, Secretary Clinton was cleared by the FBI of any intentional wrongdoing. But on last Friday, it appears that Hillary is being charged with another scandal, indirectly related to her, and she cannot be trusted.

Instead of Director Comey waiting to be sure of the facts, it appears he left far too much to self-interpretation. “There is a longstanding policy of not doing anything that could influence an election,” says George Tewilliger, deputy attorney general in the George Bush administration.

“Justice traditionally bends over backward to avoid taking any action that might be seen by the public as influencing an election, often declining to even take private steps that might become public in the 60 days leading up to an election” says Mathew Miller, a former Justice Department official.

Comey appears to be riding solo when he broke longstanding practice and Justice Department guidelines by writing Friday’s letter to congress, and making a public comment on an ongoing investigation. This information has definitely changed the trajectory of the election, and the FBI Director is influencing the vote of millions of Americans.

It is not understood what was going through Comey’s mind when he decided to write the letter on Friday. Without a doubt, the director is questioning his own actions and what he planned to achieve. The investigation will not be complete in ten days, and it appears to have a devastating impact on Hillary and her supporters.

No one thought that an unsubstantiated allegation from the Director of the FBI could derail, and change the momentum of Hillary’s campaign. But in the 2016 election cycle with 11 days before the election, James Comey has made history by starting a new email scandal with a letter to Congress. This letter can discourage Americans from voting for Hillary Clinton, and change the outcome of the election.

Donald Trump is making it appear that Clinton has broken the law, and that finally, the FBI director has seen the light, and is ready to put her in jail.

The FBI director has not followed protocol, and has broken the longstanding policy of not taking any action that can influence an election within 60 days before the election is over. Hopefully, the FBI direction will release, in detail, all relevant facts concerning this new investigation.


It is time for the talking to end, and the voting to begin. Many political experts will say it’s all about the ground game, and Hillary, along with the Democratic Party, will have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of over a billion dollars in this election.

If you are registered to vote, voting is your voice, so vote. When Blacks say to each other that their one vote doesn’t matter, they should study Black history. In 1868, the Republicans supported African Americans voting, and the Democrats were members of the White supremacist organization, Knights of the White Camellia who later became the KKK. This is not the same Democratic Party or Republican Party that we have today.

On September 28, 1868, in Opelousas St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, a few Blacks attempted to join a Democratic Party political group. The political group from the White supremacist organization violently drove them out of the party, and eventually started a massacre. This event sparked anti-Black violence that continued for weeks, and some 200-300 Blacks were killed.

Many of our ancestors died for Blacks to have the right to vote.  However, many Blacks are not interested in voting. Prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Blacks were beaten and sometimes killed for voting and organizing other Blacks to exercise their rights as Americans.

In this 2016 election, Republican governors are working to suppress the vote, and find ways to obstruct African Americans and other minorities from voting. Voting is sacred, and it is the foundation of our Democracy.

Every election is significant because it determines who will set polices that shape our daily lives. Voting determines where resources and taxes are spent, and determines if elected officials are working to improve the quality of life in the community they represent. Every American has a civic duty and responsibility in the Democratic process to vote, but many youth, minorities, and other Americans elect to sit it out.

The 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will shape the direction of America nationally and internationally for the next decade. Donald Trump has no experience in the political process, and has avoided transparency with regard to providing his federal income tax return. He has never engaged in political decisions both nationally and internationally, therefore requiring him to learn as he goes.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is prepared and ready to execute on day one. She has been engaged in the American political system at every level of government for over thirty years. There will be no need for on the job training, and for the price of one president, we get two. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband, was a strong president, and it is assumed that she will be in discussion with him during her tenure.

Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls, but anything can happen in an election. When Donald Trump’s knowledge is compared to Hillary Clinton’s regarding the political system, there is no comparison. Hilary wins.

It is easy in this election to get confused with the optics and what the media is reporting. But when the noise stops and the scandals are separated from the candidates, Hillary is competent, and knows what she is talking about because she has done it and lived it. She is not making up stories as she campaigns; she is prepared to be the first woman president in America.

Blacks must remember that Hilary has a record of working in their communities, and understands racism and Black disenfranchisement with the system. Trump has no record of working with the Black community, because he was busy ripping off small businesses when he declared bankruptcy six times, to avoid payment for services rendered to his company.

If eighty percent of registered Black voters cast their ballot for Hillary, and other minorities vote, it will be nearly impossible for Trump to win the 2016 election. The present and the future will be decided by you, the voter, in the next two weeks.

Vote for Hillary and vote down the entire ballot for Democrats. America is at a crossroad and the country needs progressive thinking leaders to continue the policies that President Obama initiated for minorities, the poor and middle class.

The Republicans have somehow gotten through four debates, and it appears that America is getting ready to explode into the twilight zone, because President Obama has done nothing right. Based on the Republican debates, the Republican presidential candidates see only gloom and doom, and they must repeal everything the president has done, and start all over.
Somehow, the Republican presidential candidates have created a separate reality, where they can never give the president and the Democrats any credit. To them everything is terrible, but at some point in this campaign the Republicans will be forced to examine President Obama’s record, and the truth will be exposed.
The unemployment rate now is at 5% and when President Obama took office, the unemployment rate was in double digits. The economy was in a deep recession and every industry was close to bankruptcy, but the Republicans forget these small details. Instead of telling the truth, the Republicans will not examine the facts, because the economy is growing under President Obama.
“In the echo chamber that is presidential politics, everything is dark and everything is terrible. They don’t seem to offer many solutions to the disasters they perceive, but they’re quick to tell you who to blame. There’s nothing particularly patriotic or American about talking down America, especially when we stand as one of the few sources of economic strength in the world,” says President Obama.
It is always easy to find something wrong and the Republican presidential candidates have made this their full time job. When the Republican front runner thinks it is a brilliant idea to knock on 12 million immigrants’ doors and sent them back to their homeland is irrational and dumb. But when there are 16 Republicans running for the president’s office, they are willing to try and say anything to get traction in the race.
Last week President Obama said, “Trump is not realistic and that is not who we are as a nation.” If America is a leader in the world rounding up 12 million immigrants would make our country the leading country for discrimination and bigotry. There is no way we can call our country a place of freedom and we send immigrants who have lived here 10 to 20 years back to their homeland.
In many political circles the Republican Party is being called a “Safe House of Bigotry.” The presidential candidates are being forced to move to the extreme right, because the Tea Party is doing all the loud talking. The president seems to be saying that the radical right is talking loud, but saying nothing.
Facts and the Republicans don’t seem to go together, and Senator Cruz wants to eliminate 5 federal departments starting with the IRS first. Even most of the Republicans don’t understand what was on his mind when he said this, but again ideas do not have to make sense from a Republican candidate’s viewpoint. At this point, the Republican candidates will say crazy stuff to stand out from the crowd and get more press.
But eventually the Republican leadership will be forced to eliminate half of the candidates running for office. This should be done sooner than later, because everyone thinks the Republican debate is good entertainment with no substance or innovative solutions to the problems facing the country. The Republicans candidates are on a shrinking island, and they are out there by themselves.
President Obama says to the Republican candidates, “they shouldn’t be talking down the country all the time just because it serves their purpose. We know that America’s greatness doesn’t come from building walls, it comes from building opportunity.”

The third Republican Debate is history, and this one was a bigger circus than the other two. In terms of entertainment, the ratings were excellent, and everyone is pointing a finger at the mess on stage. But, this was CNBC’s most-viewed event in the network’s history, with 14 million viewers, and advertisements were ringing in at $250,000 a piece. Even though everyone in the Republican Party was embarrassed by their performance, everyone took a full suitcase of money home.

When the first question asked by the narrators was to ask Governor John Kascich of what he thought of Donald Trump’s unrealistic platform, he told the truth, and everyone knew the fight was on. To begin with, the Republicans candidates don’t like each other, and the two front-runners have no record in politics. There are 1,300 candidates in America who have filled out paperwork for the job of president, and it appears that the majority of them are Republicans.

When Trump the front-runner talks about rounding up 10 million illegal aliens and sending them home, the majority of Americans know this thinking is illusionary and a joke. When Ben Carson, the second leading candidate in the race says on national television that his tax plan is to use the 10% tithing approach, there is something fundamentally wrong with his math, and his thinking for America.

The Republicans may be outraged with the questions they were asked in the debate, but they were generated by the answers and viewpoints of the candidates. When the third leading candidate Marco Rubio has missed 34% of his votes as a new Senator, and his personal finances is in shambles, the narrators have a responsibility to do their job and ask hard questions. When there are 10 candidates on stage answering questions, it is hard to maintain control and the Republicans is the problem.

From the very first debate Trump showed little respect for his colleagues on the stage, and now the Republican candidates want a serious debate with easy questions, like the Democrats. They fail to understand that news moderators develop their questions from candidates’ record, websites, and what they say during interviews. When your numbers don’t add up or your statements don’t make sense, the narrators have an obligation to hold the candidates feet to the fire.

The Republican candidates have decided to blame the chaos and confusion on the Republican leadership, and CNBC. But, maybe there is something wrong with the Republican Party, when most of their plans are unworkable, and they refuse to tell the truth about the president’s administration. When the president has 67 consecutive months of private-sector job growth and created 13 million new jobs, it is time to start with the truth.

The Republicans can continue to lie to America, and Trump and Carson can start a revolt in the Republican Party. But, they will continue to look stupid and place the blame on everyone, but themselves.

After all the foolishness on stage, the GOP has a tax plan that favors the rich and wealthy, and it proves they don’t care about the needs of the nation. They only want to cut taxes for the large corporations and the upper percentage of the income population says the Conservative Tax Foundation. All the GOP candidates are working for the powerful and wealthy, and Trump is working for himself.

On many different levels politics is a game and it is very hard to separate the truth from a lie. But, debates give the voter insight on what the candidates stand for, and if they can think quickly on their feet. When Republican presidential candidates give silly answers, they must expect more silly questions.

Vice President Joe Biden has made his decision not run for president in 2016. In many political circles, there are gametes of viewpoints, which really don’t matter. Some will argue that this decision will hurt the Democratic Party, because Hillary Clinton will put her campaign on auto-pilot and cruise into the nomination. Others think this decision is great news for the Democratic Party, because it will build a united and organized infrastructure early, with the endorsement of President Obama.

The Vice President in his national public address, on his decision appeared to be a presidential address of why the Democrats needed him in the campaign. With the tragic death of his son, and his personal age of 72 were good reasons to refrain from the scrutiny of campaign insaneness. But, in all probability, it was just not the right time for Uncle Joe to run.

Each presidential nominee will spend over a billion dollars in this president election, and it will be one of the nastiest and dirtiest campaigns in the history of the country. The Democratic Party from the very start of the campaign had already decided that Mrs. Clinton was the nomination for the party. Mrs. Clinton has learnt from the campaign in 2008, that there is an invisible campaign that takes place in backroom meeting behind closed doors.

Mrs. Clinton is winning in the polls as the front-runner, but she is also winning in the invisible campaign in back rooms. The back rooms far away from the public’s eyes are where the powerful decisions are made, and the real money is divided. These invited guests shot with real bullets, and they are handing over large sums of cash to be at the table.

There have been no defections from Mrs. Clinton’s camp, and her team is ready for the long-haul. Her people believe that she will be the first woman president in the country, and the Clinton doctrine is working. She is building a strong coalition of moderates, nonwhites, women, and older voters, which maker her extremely hard to beat.

Vice President Joe Biden’s advisors, colleagues, and friends urged him to stay out of the race based on “personal considerations.” Personal considerations essentially meant that the Democratic leadership had made a decision at the beginning of this campaign to go with Mrs. Clinton, and their minds were made up.

This does not mean that something could go wrong with Mrs. Clinton’s health, or the Republicans can find major dirt, or maybe manufacture a campaign changing scandal. But, if Mrs. Clinton is able to steer clear of personal and public scandals, the nomination for the Democratic Party is within her grasp. She is the only viable mainstream Democratic candidate in the race, and her experience, and track record is impeccable.

Bernie Sanders has an edge over Hillary, when it comes to white progressives with cash. This will help keep Bernie in the race in the early primary states, but eventually Hillary’s team and her invisible campaign will win.

With Joe Biden out, Hillary Clinton is in, and the male chauvinists must recognize that this is a new day. Hillary Clinton is articulate, knowledgeable, smart, and well prepared to lead America into the 21st century. There is talk in many Democratic circles that veteran Representative Elijah Cummings from Baltimore would be an excellent candidate for Vice President.

Nevertheless, the Democrats must build a comprehensive platform that addresses all citizens, and leaves no segment of America out. When the Democrats show up at the polls, they win. Mrs. Clinton has worked her entire life to reach this point in her political life, and now she must mobilize and excite her party, because  America is ready for the first woman president.

“Be careful what you ask for, because when you get it, you have to make it work.” Since President Obama has been in office, the Republicans have complained about his policies, his initiatives, and everything he has done. Our president has delivered on many of his promises, and has improved the economy, and kept the citizens safe at home. The president has lost the majority in both houses, but still he has had more victories than defeats.

In 2010, President Obama lost the House of Representatives to the Republicans, and in 2014, he lost the majority in the Senate. Since 2008, the Republicans’ goal was to make President Obama a one term president, and obstruct every policy and law he implemented. Many consider the president to be an outsider, who happens to be Black, and does not fit the usual model for the president of the United States.

But in the seven years that President Obama has been in office, he has achieved almost everything that he promised he would do, and there is a long list of his accomplishments.  He was able to get the Affordable Health Care Act implemented which gave 30 million more Americans health care insurance. He reformed student loan programs, ended two wars, passed reasonable policies with Cuba, established a Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, and hundreds of other laws and policies.

The president will go down in history as one of the greatest to hold the office, when the dust settles, and he receives a fair and impartial assessment of his accomplishments. But, mid-term elections have been brutal for the president, and the Republicans finally got what they have fought so hard for. In 2014, the Republicans won the largest majority in Congress in fifty years, but there is more dysfunction and paralysis, then every before.

When the Senate was controlled by the Democrats, the House controlled by the Republicans, the legislature was able to circumvent one problem to the next. But now we find the House without a Speaker, and it appears that no one wants the job. To many in the House, this is a dead end job, where you get all the headaches and no one says thank you.

Many believe that the almost Ex-Speaker of the House John Boehner was pushed out of his position by a small group of radical Republicans, who are not willing to compromise, and have no idea what they really want. Instead of the Republicans working as a unified party, the different caucuses appear to be at war with each other. The new laws on financing are steering millions of dollars to different representatives, who have a far right ideology.

Instead of the Republicans working for Americans, and getting transformative bills passed, there is gridlock in both Houses. Speaker John Boehner has resigned from his position, and the Republicans look silly as they bump into each other, not knowing their next steps.

It is very easy to talk a good game, but it is extremely hard to execute your plan. The Republicans now have the power, but everything is at a standstill, because they never had a workable plan for America. Conservative Republicans are refusing to compromise, and reach over the aisle to get things done.

As long as the different caucuses in the Republican Party act like spoiled children, nothing will get done in Congress. President Obama will continue to meet his objectives and goals, and work his magic. It is easy for the Republicans to keep saying that the president has not done anything, but in the real world, Republicans are doing nothing and making a huge mess.


Blood is on everyone’s hand in America, because we have the power to stop horrendous acts of murder with guns, yet nothing is done. In 2015, Americans believe they need a gun to protect themselves from criminals, but the majority of mass shooting come from young White men who live next door to each other. It makes no sense for an individual to own 15 different guns, and no one questions the purpose of an arsenal of guns.

Mass killings have been identified as 4 deaths or more, by one or more shooter. Since 2013, MSNBC News-Host Rachel Maddox confirmed that there has been a mass shooting every week, and Americans think this is normal behavior. There are over 300 million guns in circulation, and the president feels powerless when it comes to gun control.

Americans have a sick obsession with guns, but on October 1, 2015, President Obama was given the responsibility to announce to the cameras again, another community traumatized by a mass shooting. This time it was at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, where a gunman went on another mass killing spree of 9 people, and he was eventually gunned down by the police. This was another massacre, where family and community members will be forced to relive this experience the rest of their lives.

It is time for Americans to repeal the second amendment, control gun sales, and use. It makes no sense for a 26 year old to own 15 guns, unless he is getting ready to go to war. Police have the ability to control every aspect of an individual’s life, but they refuse to keep a record of how many guns an individual purchases.

Guns ownership should not be a constitutional right, and guns should be regulated like any other consumer product. Guns are deadly weapons, and they must be strictly regulated and controlled, and subject to federal and state laws. In countries all over the world guns are controlled, and there are very few mass shooting, because the citizens care.

Americans have the ability to stop mass killings, but it must start in our thinking of guns. Nothing is going to change with mass shooting, until voters hold their representatives accountable to strict control and regulation of guns. Americans must stop pretending, and ignoring citizens who walk around with guns, and think guns are a constitutional right.

Guns are weapons, and it was evident that Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, had mental health issues, and he was preparing for a sick experiment with guns. It is time for Americans to open up their eyes, and start asking questions when an individual has an arsenal of weapons, and they are a college student, or just a regular hard working individual. Guns must be regulated, controlled, and taxed like any other consumer good.

Americans are not powerless, and gun ownership as a constitutional right must be repealed. Everyone should understand that the second amendment was intended to ensure that an armed militia could be assembled, but that time has passed. Gun ownership as a constitutional right is a tragic historical accident, and representatives must be held accountable to change this mistake.

Americans can continue to pretend that mass shootings are not epidemic, and there is nothing we can do. But with courage, we can start a movement to control guns and repeal the second amendment. When there has been a mass shooting every week since 2013, it is time to stop pretending.

Mass killing should not be routine, and it is time to repeal gun ownership as a constitutional right. The only way we can get rid of the blood on our hands is we take action; hold our representatives accountable with our vote, and show we care.

The second Republican debate was a three hour endurance test and marathon. There were eleven candidates on the stage, and it was a circus. The moderators tried to pit each candidate against each other, and no one trusted anything they said they would do, when they become president. Everyone on the stage is being controlled by their Super-PAC, except Donald Trump, and he happens to be the front runner.

Many believe that Donald Trump is controlled by the Mafia, but he is definitely not a traditional politician. When he calls his colleagues stupid and dumb, many wonder if his finger is pointing back at him.

These debates have nothing to do with minorities, the poor, prison reform, seniors, education, health reform, racial justice, income inequality, and everyday Americans. This was political entertainment at its best, and everyone was there to have a good time, and tell television land how smart they were in their last job, appointment or office.

It doesn’t matter if they were fired as CEO of a major corporation, governor of a state, or their company went bankrupted four times. The all have billionaire supporters, who they are really working for. Some may be backed by criminals, but they all have enough money to spend millions each month. Elections in America are corrupt, and everyone knows that politicians will say almost anything to get elected.

Everyone involved in the production are concerned about ratings, and the debates are about making money and getting paid. When you run for the office of president, you are in the big leagues, and people are writing big checks, because everyone is jockeying for a major position in the Republican Party. These political conglomerates eventually will put themselves in position for multi-million dollar contracts.

The rich keep getting richer, and most of the Republicans running for president, are focused on improving their bank accounts. At this point, the Republican candidates must prove that they are more conservative than their colleagues by cutting taxes and cutting the size of governments. They also want to increase the size of the military, which makes no sense; because it appears that they are contemplating on starting a world war.

There was a broad range of subjects they talked about, but the starting point is President Obama is a weak commander-in chief, and everything he has done was wrong for America. As each candidate took turns bashing the president’s policies, they forget the shape the country was in when Bush left office. At the debate Jeb Bush tried to defend his brother, but Trump told the truth, when he said President Bush left America in a mess.

The candidates knew from the very beginning that this political show was a joke, and everyone was there to beat up the person next to them. It is time for the foolishness to end, because political debates should not be a comedy show, because the problems in the world are serious.

President Obama has taken a country that was on the brink of a depression to an economy and stock market that is thriving. There is now a federal health care system in place where over 16 million Americans have health insurance.

As the Republicans play games and talk about starting a world war, President Obama has ended two wars and working to bring peace to a violent world. Instead of talking about stopping gun violence and police killings of young black men, the Republicans are talking about building a fence around America.

The 2nd debate proved that the Republicans have lost their moral compass and a sense of reality. They no longer are playing with a full deck, and their thinking and policies are dangerous for America and the world.

In many different interviews, Hilary Clinton has made it clear that she is more aggressive than President Obama on foreign policy. He worldview is assertive, and she stands on the right where her position is very hawkish and extreme. Some experts argue that if elected as the first woman president, Mrs. Clinton must exhibit strength, control, and toughness, but distancing her platform from President Obama’s foreign policy could be damaging to her campaign.

The Clintons have always appeared to have an adversarial relationship with President Obama, and it comes as no surprise in her campaign that she is running away from his foreign policy. In an interview last year with journalist Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, Mrs. Clinton articulated a vision for a much more assertive American worldview.

Mrs. Clinton believes that President Obama has been too cautious with his foreign policies, and shifted too far to the left. She is proposing a tougher policy because Jihadi groups are now controlling territory in Syria and Iraq. She believes that failing to arm Syrian moderates could have prevented Islamic extremists from taking back land in Syria and Iraq.

“We’ve learned the limits of America’s power to spread freedom and democracy, but we’ve also learned the importance of our power, our influence, and our values appropriated deployed and exhibited. Right now, we don’t tell our own story very well” says presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

As Clinton explains her position on foreign affairs, it appears that she is stuck in the Cold War mentality when our leaders talkedabout  the size of their guns. This kind of thinking borders on an elitist paradigm when America was the international police, and we resolved problems because we thought we had the most guns.

But President Obama understood that it was insane to think that we could defeat our enemies by going to war. Our president felt that it is important to neutralize our enemies by freezing their assets and implementing global sanctions.  The world has changed and leaders must use diplomacy to negotiate treaties when we talk to our enemies.

On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton is still not comfortable talking to our enemies, and she is running away from President Obama’s foreign policies.  Al Gore was the last Democratic presidential candidate to distance himself from the president he served, and he lost the election.

Clinton is a staunch supporter of Israel, and she claims that Hamas initiated the conflict and Israel is justified in defending itself. She has made it clear in her platform that as president she would not be able to work with Hamas because of their commitment to the destruction of Israel. As a result of this hard line, Clinton refuses to talk to our enemies, and the Palestinians are being abused and discriminated against by Israel. There is a humanitarian crisis in this part of the world, and America cannot just support only one country.

In the last months, Clinton’s poll numbers are plunging because of scandals surrounding her private email server and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. These scandals are hurting her image and many Democratic voters don’t view her as honest and trustworthy.

As Clinton is distancing herself from President Obama, more Blacks distance themselves from her campaign. The Democrats cannot win in 2016 without the Black vote. Mrs. Clinton has very few major accomplishments as Secretary of State under Obama, and many of her foreign policy positions are not in line with the president.

Attendance at her political events has not been impressive, and she is not presenting any visionary ideas that resonate with the Democratic base. Running away from the president’s infrastructure, grassroots organizations, and foreign policies could cause her to lose her party’s nomination for president.

Immigration has shaped the United States as a nation since the first settlers arrived at our shores over 400 years ago. Today worldwide, there is an estimated 191 million immigrants looking for a country to call home, and it impacts every country on the globe. People emigrate from one country for a variety of complex reasons, but everyone is trying to improve the quality of their lives.

Large-scale immigration is a world issue that is transforming Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americans. Approximately 115 million immigrates live in developed countries, and 20% or 38 million live in the United States.

The most recent wave of immigration into the United States is changing the nature of work based on the new technologies. Since 1990, over 50 percent of all immigrants are from Latin America and over 25% are from Asia. There is a diverse group of people from these countries, and some are highly skilled and educated, and some are poor, unskilled, and uneducated.

In Europe many of the immigrants are escaping war or religious conflicts and persecution. There are hundreds of refugee camps in different countries, and government officials have no idea how to handle this new influx of people with different customs and language. This is a new paradigm in the world, and all the global leaders are trying to develop a strategy that is humane, but economically feasible.

The GOP in the United States has decided the answer to the immigration problem is to build a fence, and send 12 million illegal immigrants back to their homeland. Common sense and practical thought tells everyone that this solution will never work, and immigration is not a problem that is just going away. Refugees and immigrants will risk their lives for a better opportunity in America, and it is time for President Obama and Congress to introduce legislation that makes sense.

America is a nation of immigrants, except African Americans, who were brought here in chains and under duress. Many in America will forget that the Indians were here before the Europeans landed on the shores, and it is crazy to send people away, who have lived here for two and three generations.

“We didn’t raise the Statue of Liberty with her back to the world; we did it with her light shining as a beacon to the world. And whether we were Irish, or Italian, or Germans crossing the Atlantic, or Japanese or Chinese crossing the Pacific, whether we crossed the Rio Grande or flew here from all over the world—generations of immigrants have made this country into what it is. It’s what makes us special,” says President Obama.

Building fences and closing borders will not keep immigrants from coming to America. The immigration system is broken and President Obama has enacted common sense executive orders that Congress should make into laws.

With 191 million immigrations in the world, every country will be impacted by migrants, and they will need policies and laws that protect these people. There will always be a small percentage or element of the immigrants, who are criminals, and they will fall through the cracks, and national security checks are essential.

But the majority of immigrants are families looking for a better life and they are the new explorers. Maybe they are the new world citizens, but every country in the world will be impacted by global immigration. There is a global immigration crisis in the world, and America cannot think they can run from the problem by building a fence, and sending illegal immigrants back to their homeland.