In the mid-term elections, it appears that the Democrats and the Independents are extremely apathetic about the race. There has been some positive movement with the Democratic base, but the younger voters in the party is lacking in its intensity. The Republicans are more animated and motivated, and they will be out in large numbers to vote in this election.

Gallup polls indicate that the Republicans enjoy a 13% to an 18% turnout advantage among voters likely to vote. All across the country there are races that are too close to call and either party can win.

Many Democratic candidates are refusing to use President Obama’s agenda as the platform to connect their campaign too. Instead these candidates are projecting their independence and distancing their relationship with the president. In a magazine article, President Obama admitted that his team failed to communicate effectively to American voters in his first two years of office. His team only focused on policy, while ignoring an effective sales pitch to the public. This was a major mistake because the public did not always understand what the Obama administration was trying to accomplish.

The Republicans were able to make President Obama look like the same old tax and spend Democrat, who spend and spend without results. When President Obama was trying to sell the stimulus package, he was always talking about the shovel-ready projects that would bring millions of job. Many states and city leaders are wondering what happened to all the “shovel-ready” jobs?

President Obama has not been able to deliver and many of the Democratic candidates are frustrated with the president’s promises. In our microwave society, the president has been forced to talk out of both sides of his mouth. In this same article, President Obama admits that shovel-ready jobs are not as plentiful as he first indicated.

No one can predict in this mid-term election which party will gain the most seats. The conservatives are divided and polarized because of the Tea party and the splitting of the vote. In many of the races there are three candidates and the Tea party are candidates in 128 races during this mid-term election.

Every incumbent is in a major battle for their political life; the Democratic base and the younger voters can change the results of this election. The youth have power in their hands and there appears to be a limited focus on this segment of the Democratic Party. Many of the incumbents have always won and have not changed their strategy and used networking/internet marketing.

The reality of 2010 election is that many of the incumbents did not use the internet to get their message to their constituents. As a result, their constituents did not know their record, and understand what they have accomplished.
President Obama has stated that his next two years will not focus on trying to pass new legislation, but implement and coordinate what passed in the first two years of his administration. American is looking for results and they want to know how a particular bill is helping their family. Americans are tired of the doubletalk and want solutions that they can touch.

President Obama will continue to travel across the country and energize the Democratic Party and get the vote out. He will help raise money, but many of the incumbents are moving to the middle and are against many of the president’s policies.

As the November 2nd gets closer, it’s best to get out and vote. The worst thing that all the voters can do is not have a voice and not vote. The vote is our voice and will determine the future of our country.

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