It is now 2012 and in November, Americans will vote again for the highest office in the land. Many political experts believe this will be the most important election in generations, because the decision for the country is to move forward or fall behind. With the election of 2008, the first African-American was elected to the highest office in the land.

This was a remarkable achievement in a country, where African-Americans were considered 3/5 of a person, and not allowed to vote, and discriminated against in every aspect of American life. White supremacy was the foundation that the country was founded on, and decisions were based on race. Within the last 50 years, there has been a civil rights transformation in the country, and laws have been enacted, and enforced to bring justice to minorities.

As more minorities have been given the opportunity and afforded the cherished rights as American citizens, there has been push-back from the conservative elements in our society. These conservative elements in the country believe that they must take back America, because soon they will be the minority.

Globally 90% of the world’s population is people of color, but the wealth in the world is controlled by 10% of the people who inhabit the earth. The 10% of the people who control the wealth refuse to share, and they control power through military and financial power.

In America, there is a protest named “occupy wall street”, where the youth have stated that the wealth in the country is controlled by 1% of the population. President Obama has petitioned this group of Americans to share more, by paying more taxes. Instead of this group conceding to President Obama’s request they have funded organizations to challenge the president’s authority.

This conservative movement has been energized by the radical arm of the Republican Party called the Tea party. Their number one focus is to ensure that President Obama is a one term president. They are proponents of a small federal government, less regulations, less taxes, and balancing the budget. They tend to forget that the last Republican president left the country with the economy on the brink of collapse, and many of the industries bankrupted.

Even though President Obama has improved the state of America, the Republicans and the Tea party claim that our president is the worst president in American history. They have started an organization, whose purpose is to defeat the president in 2012. This organization has created fabrications and sound bites that attack everything the president has done.

Just recently the president has ended the Iraq war, and the Republicans are criticizing the president for not giving the soldiers a parade. They also complain about the skyrocketing debt, fiscal responsibility, and everything that President Obama does is wrong for America.

Under the president’s watch, the unemployment numbers have gone down, and the economy has had positive growth in the last couple of months, but Obama is still wrong. President Obama has rescued the car industry, and they have paid back a large portion of their loans, but Obama is still wrong. There are stronger regulations on Wall Street, and better regulations on credit card companies, but Obama is still wrong.

It is time for the truth to be told to all Americans about the fabricated, irrational, and fact less attacks that the Republicans are creating to win the election. In order for President Obama to win, it is time to mobilize voters and tell the truth every day. If we are to win in 2012, we will need the truth, and larger numbers than in 2008.