As President Obama prepares for the next election, there are political pundits and experts that will charge the president with being the worst president in America’s history. These insensitive untruths and fabrications concerning President Obama’s record need an accurate assessment based on factual information and the truth. Americans live in an unrealistic bubble, and many times they need their memory jarred to get the truth.

In the last three years the president has taken a country on the verge of economic collapse and bankruptcy, and rescued the fundamental financial industries in the country, and helped create innovative regulations. We are beginning to see signs of economic recovery, and it was started with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

The Act was signed by President Obama in July 2010, and is the most comprehensive change to financial regulation in the United States since the great depression. The goal of the law is to promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system. It also is to protect the American taxpayers and consumers from abusive financial services, and practices.

The president was also instrumental in transforming the American Healthcare system, which had been unsuccessfully tried for decades, by other presidents. President Obama first official act was to sign into law, Children Health Insurance Program, which provided states on average an additional four million children with federal Medicaid coverage.

In 2010, The Affordable Health Care Act was passed bringing universal health care to the United States.  The key provisions of the act are that everyone is required to buy health insurance and adhere to government standards. Health insurance companies have to offer the same premiums to everyone, ending the practice of exploiting pricing based on people’s sex, age, and pre-existing health conditions.

President Obama has also created laws that advanced women rights in the work force, passed Hate Crime bills, and appointed two pro-choice women to the Supreme Court. He has appointed more minorities to influential positions of authority in his administration, and developed more benefits and laws for veterans.

“We ended one war and began to wind down another. We dealt a crippling blow to al-Qaeda and America is more secure. We stood by our friends and allies around the world and through natural disasters,” said Obama about his achievements in 2011. In May of 2011, an extraordinary achievement was achieved with the killing of Osama bin-Laden. This was a successful clandestine mission directed by President Obama, which President Bush had been working on for eight years with no luck.

President Obama had entered the 2008 race promising to end the war in Iraq, and on December 18, 2010, the last convoy of American troops left Iraq. With all of the frustrations, and policy obstructions from the Republicans, the president was able to deliver on his promise, and end the engagement in Iraq.

On September 2011, the controversial policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed and now gays and lesbians can serve in the military without hiding their sexual orientation. This was a victory for liberals and civil rights advocates and signed into law by the president.

At the end of the year Congress has agreed to extend Social Security payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits for two months. President Obama wants a millionaire’s tax, but it will be difficult to get it passed in Congress.

I have only commented on a handful of the president’s achievements, but I am proud of what he has accomplished. Take time and get on the internet and learn all of the president’s achievements in three years. The president has worked to put our country on solid footing, and there is much more to be done, but we need all Americans pulling together as one.