The presidential election of 2012 will be determined by which candidate wins the most votes, and which candidate raises the most money. It’s a different world in politics, when Super PACs were added to the equation. With Super PACs rich donors can contribute millions of dollars to a candidate without disclosing their name or their company’s name. The wealthy Republicans can contribute millions of dollars under a PAC, and create negative advertisements to defeat President Obama.

This 2012 election will be a nasty and dirty fight, and the Republicans have decided that their only goal is to defeat the president. In 2008, President Obama was able to raise more money than the Republicans, and in 2012 they are not going to let that happen again. President Obama was able to beat the Republicans because he raised his money on the internet, and $25 pledges from grassroots citizens.

The Republicans have been consistent with their sound bites attacking the president’s initiatives, and at times if you listen long enough they appear to be right. Many of the independents have switched sides, and many of the conservative Democrats are also switching sides. This election will not be a cake walk and everyone will have to reach in their pocket and donate their few extra dollars to the president’s campaign.

Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s talk show “Real Time” is doing more than talking. He has reached down in his bank account and gave a gift of $1 million to a Super Pac that supports the president’s reelection campaign. Maher has always supported the president, but at times some of his political satire has attacked the president’s decisions, and he appeared to be angry with the president.

Maher admits that at times he does not agree with the direction that the administration is going, and the president has not been at his best during his first term. But based on the alternative, he feels the president is the only choice.

“After watching the Republican field and the 20 debates they’ve had, I fear Santorum and Romney. They live in a bubble of insanity, half the country is nuts, and Obama could very lose,” says Maher. He believes that many of President Obama’s supporters are complacent and they think the president has the election won.

Maher thinks that this will be a much closer race than the one in 2008. Based on his study of American politics, there are 12 competitive states that will determine if the president will be victorious. “For years I’ve never done anything overtly political for either party. But c’mon. Who’s kidding who at this point? It’s not even close….I decided to put my money where my mouth is,” said Maher.

Many of the liberals are talking but he believes that they will have to get into the game by putting up money. Maher believes that the wealthy Republicans are writing checks and the wealthy Democrats will also have to begin to write checks. If the Democrats do not write checks the Republicans will out spend the Democrats, and the president stands a good chance of losing.

Maher is telling how he truly feels about the election of 2012. He is fearful about the outcome of this election and supporters of president can not take anything for granted. With all the new regulations and laws with voting, all of Obama’s supporters will have to be on point, and get out the vote to win.

Maher is hoping that his donations will nudge liberals with far fatter checkbooks than his to contribute. Nevertheless, Maher is leading by example and everyone who supports the president needs to write a check, because this fight is for our future.