As the conservatives in the country develop a plan and strategy to win in the 2012 election, they are not afraid to resort to dirty politics. The conservatives know that President Obama has a clean record; therefore it will be necessary to create a story that resonates with their mindset.

Andrew Breitbart is a conservative publisImageher, who recently died, but left a powerful internet media organization with a goal to support Republican and Tea Party politics. Mr. Breitbart was relentless with his political campaign to smear Democratic supporters, and President Obama was at the top of his list. He was out to prove that President Obama was a radical socialist, and he was a supporter of class warfare.

“It carries over into his governance, because President Obama’s Justice Department won’t treat black civil right violators the same way it treats white civil rights violators. There is a racial pattern in which justice is enforced and it gives us a sense of how President Obama thinks about these issues,” says Joel Pollack, editor-in-chief of

Basically, is alleging that the president discriminates against white people and they distributed a video last week that showed President Obama in 1991 introducing a radical Black Harvard Professor Derrick Bell at a demonstration. In this video, Mr. Breitbart is trying to show the president has a history of working with Black people with radical social views.

In this video they link Professor Bell with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and argue that the president believes in racial division, and such issues need to be fully vetted in an election year. Andrew Breitbart has a history of taking a piece of a story and blowing it up to get conservatives scared and upset.

Breitbart was instrumental in blowing up the Shirley Sherrod story and accusing her of being anti-white in a speech that was taken out of context, and she was forced to resign. There was not a thread of truth in the story, but Breitbart was a master with the new technology, and millions of people read the story before it could be refuted.

Breitbart also played a key role in the destruction of Accorn in 2009 with an undercover video controversy. For many this was the start of voter suppression, because Accorn was instrumental in helping thousands of grassroots people registered to vote in 2008. This was a dirty plot to send Breitbart’s people into Accorn offices and get people fired, and eventually get the organization dismantled, because it was funded by the federal government.

Starting a story that President Obama is anti-white is a dirty story, without a thread of truth, but Breitbart enjoys dirty politics and this is the way the Republicans plan to beat the president. President Obama has been a president for all Americans, and many times many Blacks felt that the president has ignored African American issues. There have been many times that Black leaders wanted a Black Agenda but the president always stayed with an American Agenda.

As the election unfolds it will be necessary to keep truth paramount in the Obama campaign. Everyone must help get more youth, more Hispanics, more Caribbean Americans, and more African Americans registered to vote. When the Tea Party and the Republicans put out stories that are not factual, it is important that the minority and liberal media immediately challenge the facts and expose lies.

A large part of the media war will be fought on the internet. Technology has created a virtual presidential campaign, and it is necessary to win on that front. Andrew Breitbart proved that you can get a person or an organization shut down and fired with an internet video. The truth was never significant to some people, but the goal was to get people to change their minds.