President Obama’s Record Supports Women’s Rights

                                                                        By Roger Caldwell


In 2012, it makes no sense to be against women’s rights. But the Republicans appear to have a war against women’s rights and they want to turn back the clock in terms of their achievements. Women issues are sensitive and fundamental to their anatomy, and men no longer can decide what is right for them.

Women have pushed back against the Republican war against their health and reproductive decisions, and more women are beginning to join the Democrats. The decision for Romney and the Republican Party to promise to get rid of Planned Parenthood is a public relations nightmare that can only hurt the Republican vote.

Many experts believe the only way that the Republican Party can salvage their image with women is get a women candidate for Vice-President. It appears that the Republicans have misjudged the power of women voters, and Romney is now using his wife to show that he supports women issues.

On the other hand, President Obama is going around the country talking about the respect he has for his grandmother, his mother, his wife, and his girls. At this point the polls are showing that over 60% of women in the country support the president. This is a historic accomplishment, because since 1972 no presidential has received 60% of the support of women.

Last week at the White House there was a women’s conference on women’s issues, and President Obama gave a 20 minute speech. At this conference there were female entrepreneurs, academics, and business leaders, and the president explained the differences in his polices and the Republican policies.

“When it comes to our efforts on behalf of women and girls, I’m proud of the accomplishments that we can point to. The Republicans are not just talking about restricting a women’s ability to make her own health decisions. They’re talking about denying, as a practical matter, the preventive care like mammograms that millions of women rely on, said President Obama.

His remarks came at the White House Forum on Women and the Economy, where he received a roar of applause and support during his speech. In his speech, he said the Republicans have taken a position that the government should cut spending on Planned Parenthood, but millions of women need help and assistance.

The president also cited that Republicans are fighting to repeal the new health care law, but millions of the women and their children are benefiting from the law now. “They’re not just saying we should stop protecting women with pre-existing conditions. They’re also saying we should kick about a million young women off their parent’s health care plans,” said President Obama.

The president also talked about the two women nominations to the Supreme Court, and his first bill that he signed was equal pay for women. The president cannot believe that the Republicans want to end so many fundamental rights, which give women a better quality of life.  

“It’s just shocking to me that something like contraception is so controversial: we thought we won that battle decades ago. These are policies that affect women’s lives,” said Laura Murphy of the ACLU Washington office, who attended the forum.

President Obama is moving forward with equality in the workforce for everyone, with a special emphasis on women. Women voters will be a powerful voting bloc in the 2012 election, and strategically, it is a great political move. The president will be working to increase his percentage of women voters.

When you have a wife of the caliber of Michelle, you follow her advice. Michelle is a beautiful and intelligent wife, which keeps the president appreciating and loving women.