In America everything is judged on style as opposed to content. I was always under the impression that there were no winners and losers in a debate, and the information was judged on its credibility and facts. In the first presidential debate, Romney was declared the winner, because he was the aggressor, and the president used a different strategy, based on factual content.

The president at the beginning of the debate made a conscious effort to not get in the mud and make the debate a dog fight. President Obama was holding all the cards in his hand, and chose to operate and debate on a higher level. Everyone was waiting for the president to talk about Bain Capital, the tape on the 47%, and outsourcing to China, but he stayed positive and presidential.

In a debate, the individual with erroneous or not factual information would be declared the loser, but this debate was judged on style.  Romney was allowed to be aggressive, and very few people in the country took the time to dissect the validity of his statements.

President Obama understands that Romney is a chameleon, who flip flops his position to address different groups and audiences, and it is impossible to believe anything he says. During the primary, Romney took the position to stay on the extreme right, and align himself with the Tea party. In the first presidential debate Romney took the position to move to the center, and the president said that Romney was wearing a new mask to the first debate.

“I saw a serious substantive policy debate in which neither candidate slipped up or neither candidate delivered a knockout punch. I saw a match that basically ended in a draw,” said Fox Commentator, Juan Williams. Many liberals are upset with the president, because he did not hold Romney’s feet to the fire, and let him get away with many fabrications.

The president remained cool and reserved during this debate, and I am sure that his strategy was to let Romney run his mouth, and dig a hole. To everyone’s surprise Romney did not hang himself up, and was able to keep his fabrications straight.

Nevertheless, as the new unemployment numbers came out on Friday for September, they destroyed many of the Republicans talking points. The Republicans continue to put the number of unemployed Americans at 23 million, but that number is a fabrication. The Republicans and Romney have also stated that the president promised that he would get the unemployment number under 8%, and in August the number was 8.1%.

The new unemployment number in September stands at 7.8%, which is one-tenth lower when the president started his term in 2009. It is obvious that the president’s policies are working, and the country should celebrate the president’s achievement. Instead of the Republicans celebrating a positive achievement for the country, they are charging the president with manipulation of numbers and a conspiracy.

There are three debates left in the presidential election, and Romney must remember, everything he said in the first debate, because his position has always changed, and the president and America never know which mask he will wear to the debate. The Republicans and Romney’s camp believe that they won the first debate, because Romney was the aggressor with limited facts and figures.

But all of the cards are still in the president’s hand, and he understands that Romney does not have a plan to move the country forward. Romney can talk a good game, but the president has a plan that is working, and his unemployment numbers prove that the economy is improving.

Many liberals wanted the president to deliver a knock-out punch to Romney, and that never happened. The Republicans wanted Romney to deliver a knock-out punch to President Obama, and that never happened, so the first debate was a draw.