The 2012 presidential election is too close for comfort, and the polls indicate that there will be a photo finish at the end of the race. For the entire race, Romney has hid behind a curtain and a mask and flip flopped on every issue. Americans are smarter than Romney gave us credit for, and November 6, we will give President Obama another four years.

Politics is a nasty game, and it is necessary to dig for dirt, because there is always more than one side of the truth. Credibility and integrity is the foundation of American politics, but in order to participate on a national level, a candidate needs an organization that is funded with millions of dollars. Raising money to participate in the political process many times creates corruption, cheating, fraud, and the breaking of laws. Nevertheless, there are still honest people in politics, and our president is at the head of that list.

Once President Obama made the decision to run a second term, he knew that the scrutiny would be intense, and the Republicans would develop a strategic plan diametrically opposed to the Democrats. Their goal was to prove that after four years under the Obama Administration, the country was in bad shape economically, and all of President Obama’s initiatives had failed the citizens. In order to appease the radical elements in his party, Romney starting his primary as a conservative, and once he won the nomination, he knew he would have to move to the center, and go after the independent voters.

The last three months of most political races, things get closer, because the momentum changes sides, based on the dirt that is revealed by the candidates. In the 2012 presidential race, Romney changed the dynamics of his campaign during the debates by appearing as a moderate. Romney essentially asked the nation to forget about his radical positions earlier in the race, and now he was a candidate who would work for all Americans.

This radical shift during the first debate, and the president’s inability to aggressively challenge Romney’s new positions gave him the momentum in the race. Even though the president and the vice president won the final three debates, the president gave Romney some daylight. As the polls tightened, it looked as if Romney was making all the right moves.

But as the polls tightened, a natural disaster forced Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey; a staunch Republican attack dog to began to work with the president. The governor praised the president’s leadership skills, and his commitment to his state and America. He told the nation the truth about the core principles of our president, and what he truly believes and this incident will help the president win the election.

The Republican Party is extremely angry with Governor Christie, but natural disasters and tragic events build character, and make enemies friends. After the storm, the president demonstrated the ability to coordinate a swift reaction to Hurricane Sandy. Americans respect the president’s ability to shift and change gears, and he has received praise from everyone that worked with him on the disaster relief.

The polls indicate that the president is winning in the majority of the battleground states. The momentum has dissipated for Romney and the momentum has shifted back to the president. The winner of the election does not become the president until the last vote is counted, but the Democrats have the strongest ground operation and team, and we will win.

Nevertheless, the Democrats must vote and everyone must continue to remind your family and friends to vote for the president. There should be no shame in your game and tell everyone four more years for the president.