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The second Republican debate was a three hour endurance test and marathon. There were eleven candidates on the stage, and it was a circus. The moderators tried to pit each candidate against each other, and no one trusted anything they said they would do, when they become president. Everyone on the stage is being controlled by their Super-PAC, except Donald Trump, and he happens to be the front runner.

Many believe that Donald Trump is controlled by the Mafia, but he is definitely not a traditional politician. When he calls his colleagues stupid and dumb, many wonder if his finger is pointing back at him.

These debates have nothing to do with minorities, the poor, prison reform, seniors, education, health reform, racial justice, income inequality, and everyday Americans. This was political entertainment at its best, and everyone was there to have a good time, and tell television land how smart they were in their last job, appointment or office.

It doesn’t matter if they were fired as CEO of a major corporation, governor of a state, or their company went bankrupted four times. The all have billionaire supporters, who they are really working for. Some may be backed by criminals, but they all have enough money to spend millions each month. Elections in America are corrupt, and everyone knows that politicians will say almost anything to get elected.

Everyone involved in the production are concerned about ratings, and the debates are about making money and getting paid. When you run for the office of president, you are in the big leagues, and people are writing big checks, because everyone is jockeying for a major position in the Republican Party. These political conglomerates eventually will put themselves in position for multi-million dollar contracts.

The rich keep getting richer, and most of the Republicans running for president, are focused on improving their bank accounts. At this point, the Republican candidates must prove that they are more conservative than their colleagues by cutting taxes and cutting the size of governments. They also want to increase the size of the military, which makes no sense; because it appears that they are contemplating on starting a world war.

There was a broad range of subjects they talked about, but the starting point is President Obama is a weak commander-in chief, and everything he has done was wrong for America. As each candidate took turns bashing the president’s policies, they forget the shape the country was in when Bush left office. At the debate Jeb Bush tried to defend his brother, but Trump told the truth, when he said President Bush left America in a mess.

The candidates knew from the very beginning that this political show was a joke, and everyone was there to beat up the person next to them. It is time for the foolishness to end, because political debates should not be a comedy show, because the problems in the world are serious.

President Obama has taken a country that was on the brink of a depression to an economy and stock market that is thriving. There is now a federal health care system in place where over 16 million Americans have health insurance.

As the Republicans play games and talk about starting a world war, President Obama has ended two wars and working to bring peace to a violent world. Instead of talking about stopping gun violence and police killings of young black men, the Republicans are talking about building a fence around America.

The 2nd debate proved that the Republicans have lost their moral compass and a sense of reality. They no longer are playing with a full deck, and their thinking and policies are dangerous for America and the world.


In many different interviews, Hilary Clinton has made it clear that she is more aggressive than President Obama on foreign policy. He worldview is assertive, and she stands on the right where her position is very hawkish and extreme. Some experts argue that if elected as the first woman president, Mrs. Clinton must exhibit strength, control, and toughness, but distancing her platform from President Obama’s foreign policy could be damaging to her campaign.

The Clintons have always appeared to have an adversarial relationship with President Obama, and it comes as no surprise in her campaign that she is running away from his foreign policy. In an interview last year with journalist Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, Mrs. Clinton articulated a vision for a much more assertive American worldview.

Mrs. Clinton believes that President Obama has been too cautious with his foreign policies, and shifted too far to the left. She is proposing a tougher policy because Jihadi groups are now controlling territory in Syria and Iraq. She believes that failing to arm Syrian moderates could have prevented Islamic extremists from taking back land in Syria and Iraq.

“We’ve learned the limits of America’s power to spread freedom and democracy, but we’ve also learned the importance of our power, our influence, and our values appropriated deployed and exhibited. Right now, we don’t tell our own story very well” says presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

As Clinton explains her position on foreign affairs, it appears that she is stuck in the Cold War mentality when our leaders talkedabout  the size of their guns. This kind of thinking borders on an elitist paradigm when America was the international police, and we resolved problems because we thought we had the most guns.

But President Obama understood that it was insane to think that we could defeat our enemies by going to war. Our president felt that it is important to neutralize our enemies by freezing their assets and implementing global sanctions.  The world has changed and leaders must use diplomacy to negotiate treaties when we talk to our enemies.

On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton is still not comfortable talking to our enemies, and she is running away from President Obama’s foreign policies.  Al Gore was the last Democratic presidential candidate to distance himself from the president he served, and he lost the election.

Clinton is a staunch supporter of Israel, and she claims that Hamas initiated the conflict and Israel is justified in defending itself. She has made it clear in her platform that as president she would not be able to work with Hamas because of their commitment to the destruction of Israel. As a result of this hard line, Clinton refuses to talk to our enemies, and the Palestinians are being abused and discriminated against by Israel. There is a humanitarian crisis in this part of the world, and America cannot just support only one country.

In the last months, Clinton’s poll numbers are plunging because of scandals surrounding her private email server and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. These scandals are hurting her image and many Democratic voters don’t view her as honest and trustworthy.

As Clinton is distancing herself from President Obama, more Blacks distance themselves from her campaign. The Democrats cannot win in 2016 without the Black vote. Mrs. Clinton has very few major accomplishments as Secretary of State under Obama, and many of her foreign policy positions are not in line with the president.

Attendance at her political events has not been impressive, and she is not presenting any visionary ideas that resonate with the Democratic base. Running away from the president’s infrastructure, grassroots organizations, and foreign policies could cause her to lose her party’s nomination for president.

Immigration has shaped the United States as a nation since the first settlers arrived at our shores over 400 years ago. Today worldwide, there is an estimated 191 million immigrants looking for a country to call home, and it impacts every country on the globe. People emigrate from one country for a variety of complex reasons, but everyone is trying to improve the quality of their lives.

Large-scale immigration is a world issue that is transforming Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americans. Approximately 115 million immigrates live in developed countries, and 20% or 38 million live in the United States.

The most recent wave of immigration into the United States is changing the nature of work based on the new technologies. Since 1990, over 50 percent of all immigrants are from Latin America and over 25% are from Asia. There is a diverse group of people from these countries, and some are highly skilled and educated, and some are poor, unskilled, and uneducated.

In Europe many of the immigrants are escaping war or religious conflicts and persecution. There are hundreds of refugee camps in different countries, and government officials have no idea how to handle this new influx of people with different customs and language. This is a new paradigm in the world, and all the global leaders are trying to develop a strategy that is humane, but economically feasible.

The GOP in the United States has decided the answer to the immigration problem is to build a fence, and send 12 million illegal immigrants back to their homeland. Common sense and practical thought tells everyone that this solution will never work, and immigration is not a problem that is just going away. Refugees and immigrants will risk their lives for a better opportunity in America, and it is time for President Obama and Congress to introduce legislation that makes sense.

America is a nation of immigrants, except African Americans, who were brought here in chains and under duress. Many in America will forget that the Indians were here before the Europeans landed on the shores, and it is crazy to send people away, who have lived here for two and three generations.

“We didn’t raise the Statue of Liberty with her back to the world; we did it with her light shining as a beacon to the world. And whether we were Irish, or Italian, or Germans crossing the Atlantic, or Japanese or Chinese crossing the Pacific, whether we crossed the Rio Grande or flew here from all over the world—generations of immigrants have made this country into what it is. It’s what makes us special,” says President Obama.

Building fences and closing borders will not keep immigrants from coming to America. The immigration system is broken and President Obama has enacted common sense executive orders that Congress should make into laws.

With 191 million immigrations in the world, every country will be impacted by migrants, and they will need policies and laws that protect these people. There will always be a small percentage or element of the immigrants, who are criminals, and they will fall through the cracks, and national security checks are essential.

But the majority of immigrants are families looking for a better life and they are the new explorers. Maybe they are the new world citizens, but every country in the world will be impacted by global immigration. There is a global immigration crisis in the world, and America cannot think they can run from the problem by building a fence, and sending illegal immigrants back to their homeland.

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, there are now 100,000 fewer Blacks living in the city of New Orleans. Some will say this is due to a tragic hurricane and Blacks were evacuated because of the flood, and others say there was a conspiracy to eliminate the ninth ward. More African Americans owned their own homes in the ninth ward than any other community in the city, and now it has disappeared.

Many of these homes were fifty and sixty years old and many of the residents could go back 100 years to families that have lived in that community. Too many, this was an eye-sore and a blighted area in the city, but this was home to over 14,000 families and most of them Black. There were the typical problems of gangs, mom and pop businesses, drugs, violence, Black on Black crime, and marginalized education, but there was still history and everyone had a story.

Ten years ago, eighty percent of the city was destroyed by water, and there are two versions of the success of the rebuilding of New Orleans. Eighty percent of whites are satisfied with the rebuilding of their community, and the process is almost complete. On the other hand, sixty percent of Blacks believe the rebuilding process was a failure, and not much has changed in the ninth ward ten years post hurricane Katrina.

African Americans living in New Orleans since the storm argue that it is no accident that the poor and Blacks have missed the recovery. There is now a White mayor, Mitch Landrieu, the first in 32 years, and the city is attracting a young, educated, entrepreneurial class. There are new schools, two new medical centers, and now considered one of the fastest growing cities in America. With the help of billions of dollars in federal aid, and the levee system repaired, the city has rebounded and it has come roaring back.

But in the ninth ward, the community looks like a third world country where a bomb has exploded in the neighborhood. Less than forty percent of the residents have returned, and even lesser have been able to rebuild their homes. Since there’s no real reason to go  to that neighborhood, there is no reason to spend money and resources there.

To most Blacks in New Orleans, it appears there is a war on Blacks and the poor. Gentrification in New Orleans means that rents are rising, homes sales have increased, and there is a shortage of affordable housing. Blacks and the poor are being pushed out of the city, and there is a racial divide.

White residents are ecstatic about the recovery, businesses are growing with Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, and the French Quarter is back as if nothing happened ten years ago. But in the Ninth Ward, nothing has changed in ten years, and the people living there are suffering. There are no supermarkets and businesses there, and the poor and seniors must take public transportation to shop for necessities.

On Thursday August 27th, President Obama returned back to New Orleans, and he told the truth about the recovery. Underneath the visible recovery lie persistent racial and economic inequalities that haven’t receded since the storm as the president traveled and spoke in the Ninth Ward.

“Our work here won’t be done when almost 40% of children still live in poverty in this city. That’s not a finished job. That’s not a full recovery. There’s still too many people who haven’t been able to come back home,” says the president.

President Obama can talk until he is blue in his face, but the community must come together to demand a change. If the mayor can find money to rebuild the White community, he can find money to rebuild the Black community. Nothing will change until the Black residents take a stand and demand change.