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The national results are in, and the National Democratic Party was given a royal beating by the National Republic Party. There are many excuses and reasons for this beating, but the Democrats never showed up at the polls. Only 38% of the registered voters in the country were inspired to participate in the Democratic process, and the only color they saw was red.
Congratulations to Reince Priebus and his team, on their execution and winning strategy, which put the Democrats to shame. The Republicans stayed on message, and they were able to condition their members and many independents that it was un-American to vote blue. Even though, the turn out for the election was terrible, the Republicans believe they have a mandate from the American people to stop President Obama.
Instead of President Obama operating as the head of the Democratic Party, he hid in the shadows, and allowed party members to run away from his record. It makes no sense to allow party members to operate independently of each other without a united front. When the team is disorganized, the voters have no idea what the message is and who to vote for.
From the very beginning of Rep. Debbie Wasserman chair ship, she never brought innovative and creative ideas to the party. As a result, the Democrats paid at the polls for her lack of leadership. For the last two years the Democrats have been lethargic and apathetic about the mid-term election, and no one appeared to be enthusiastic about the president’s message and record.
On certain levels, it appeared that the leadership in the Democratic Party was sabotaging the election, and expected to lose. The Democrats appeared to be on the defense, and never was the aggressor with their message and the president’s record. Everyone in the country knew in order for the Democrats to win, there would have to be a strong showing by the African Americans and Hispanic communities.
Instead of the Democrats spending money in the minority communities early in the race, they waited until the last 6 weeks to spend money with the Black and Hispanic media. This strategy essentially told the Black and Hispanic voters, that they were not important enough to get engaged in early in the race. Some African American pastors told their congregations not to vote, because of the way they have been treated.
Many Black candidates around the country loss their races, because the Democratic leadership refused to help fund their campaigns. There are many Black candidates at this point charging the Democratic leadership with racism. Many candidates think it is no accident that many of them received no money, but other candidates received millions of dollars.
There is a fundamental problem in the Democratic leadership, and it starts with a lack of diversity at the top. The African American Democrats are the most dedicated group in the party, and they are the last group in the party to be recognized and funded. The Black media is considered a step child in the Democratic family, and the leadership can never find any money or resources for our community.
The entire National and State Democratic leadership needs to be immediately fired, and a new diverse leadership voted in, which reflects the new demographics in the country and party. It is time for bold and decisive action from the Youth, African Americans, Hispanics, Gays, and progressive Whites.
If the Democrats plan to win in 2016, they must find their way back to enthusiasm integrity, inclusiveness, and a united message. The new chair person must be a smart visionary, who can organize a winning team, which can raise billions of dollars, and execute with a powerful strategy that resonates with the entire party.


Senate Leader Harry Reid

In Washington, there is political theatrics controlling the Congress, and every politician wants to be on the news. Everyone is playing games and they know that they are not doing their job. The President ran on a platform of change and the expectation level in the country was incredible.

America was ready for fundamental changes in Washington, and President Obama initially was a politician that progressive citizens could believe. He started his term with a majority of Democrats in the Senate and the Congress, and he got passed over 60 bills. He was able to get the Healthcare Reform Bill passed that other presidents had tried but failed.

President Obama’s polls approval rating initially was in the high sixties into low seventies. Minority communities’ approval rating for the president was in the nineties. But as the euphoric honeymoon began to dissipate into reality, we found many of the problems with the Obama administration were the same as other administrations.

The political fights between the Republicans and the Democrats were the same, but in President Obama’s administration they were a little meaner and nastier. With the emergence of the Tea Party, a new ideology was initiated that wanted a smaller federal government and were extremely conservative.

President Obama and the Democratic Party underestimated the influence and the political clout of

Tea Party

 the power of the Tea party movement. It is a loosely organized nationalized movement, which is the mobilized radical arm of the Republican Party. They are dissatisfied with the direction the country is going and they are angry.

With the country $14 trillion in debt, and every state treasury in debt, the Tea Party is correct when they say the Congress needs to balance its books and control spending. The problem with the Tea Party is they want to go backward as opposed to forward. Much of their ideology is based on state’s rights, American supremacy, and the good old-boy’s system.

Nevertheless, without a doubt the Tea Party members are a major impediment, and they make it harder to get the federal budget passed. They are a divisive force, and with the election of 2010, the new 85 Republican House members are connected to the Tea Party.

But all the blame for not getting the 2010 budget passed can be blamed on the Republicans and the Tea Party. When the Democrats had a majority in both Houses, they still could not get the budget passed. Somewhere there appears to be a problem with leadership, or planning in the party. If the Speaker of the House and the leader of the Senate are both Democrats, they should be able to agree on a budget, and get it passed.

This week the government shutdown was averted with a late night deal right before the deadline. Even though the shutdown was avoided this fight was over peanuts, because the debate over the 2011 budget will soon start. With a divided Congress, who doesn’t like each other, there will probably be a major fight within the parties, and against each party.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, Senator Leader met President Obama four times in one week to finally come up with a deal. John Boehner says, “The president is not leading. He didn’t lead on last year’s budget, and he clearly is not leading on this year’s budget.”

President Obama meets with his aides

At times President Obama is not engaged and he leaves certain projects and initiatives in the hands of his administrators. It appears the president’s strategy is to remain behind the scenes and let his aides do the negotiating. No longer can the president let his aides do the negotiating.

The president must be engaged from the very beginning and be the leader of his team. Our government needs the president to get vocal, get serious, and demand results.