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Vice President Joe Biden has made his decision not run for president in 2016. In many political circles, there are gametes of viewpoints, which really don’t matter. Some will argue that this decision will hurt the Democratic Party, because Hillary Clinton will put her campaign on auto-pilot and cruise into the nomination. Others think this decision is great news for the Democratic Party, because it will build a united and organized infrastructure early, with the endorsement of President Obama.

The Vice President in his national public address, on his decision appeared to be a presidential address of why the Democrats needed him in the campaign. With the tragic death of his son, and his personal age of 72 were good reasons to refrain from the scrutiny of campaign insaneness. But, in all probability, it was just not the right time for Uncle Joe to run.

Each presidential nominee will spend over a billion dollars in this president election, and it will be one of the nastiest and dirtiest campaigns in the history of the country. The Democratic Party from the very start of the campaign had already decided that Mrs. Clinton was the nomination for the party. Mrs. Clinton has learnt from the campaign in 2008, that there is an invisible campaign that takes place in backroom meeting behind closed doors.

Mrs. Clinton is winning in the polls as the front-runner, but she is also winning in the invisible campaign in back rooms. The back rooms far away from the public’s eyes are where the powerful decisions are made, and the real money is divided. These invited guests shot with real bullets, and they are handing over large sums of cash to be at the table.

There have been no defections from Mrs. Clinton’s camp, and her team is ready for the long-haul. Her people believe that she will be the first woman president in the country, and the Clinton doctrine is working. She is building a strong coalition of moderates, nonwhites, women, and older voters, which maker her extremely hard to beat.

Vice President Joe Biden’s advisors, colleagues, and friends urged him to stay out of the race based on “personal considerations.” Personal considerations essentially meant that the Democratic leadership had made a decision at the beginning of this campaign to go with Mrs. Clinton, and their minds were made up.

This does not mean that something could go wrong with Mrs. Clinton’s health, or the Republicans can find major dirt, or maybe manufacture a campaign changing scandal. But, if Mrs. Clinton is able to steer clear of personal and public scandals, the nomination for the Democratic Party is within her grasp. She is the only viable mainstream Democratic candidate in the race, and her experience, and track record is impeccable.

Bernie Sanders has an edge over Hillary, when it comes to white progressives with cash. This will help keep Bernie in the race in the early primary states, but eventually Hillary’s team and her invisible campaign will win.

With Joe Biden out, Hillary Clinton is in, and the male chauvinists must recognize that this is a new day. Hillary Clinton is articulate, knowledgeable, smart, and well prepared to lead America into the 21st century. There is talk in many Democratic circles that veteran Representative Elijah Cummings from Baltimore would be an excellent candidate for Vice President.

Nevertheless, the Democrats must build a comprehensive platform that addresses all citizens, and leaves no segment of America out. When the Democrats show up at the polls, they win. Mrs. Clinton has worked her entire life to reach this point in her political life, and now she must mobilize and excite her party, because  America is ready for the first woman president.


The insanity never stops with the Republicans because they are angry that an intelligent Black man is president of the United States. The attacks will never subside when they know that President Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time. The Republicans will never admit when President Obama took over office, the country was heading for a major depression under President Bush.

By the grace of God, and the wise leadership of the president, the economy is improving; the unemployment numbers have been lowered and people are beginning to find work. President Obama took an impossible situation, and created a new paradigm where more people have an opportunity to succeed through diversity. There has never been a president who has promoted more women, Blacks, and Latinos to positions of power in the federal government.

As the president continues to live his dream as one of the most powerful men in the country, and the world, ex-Mayor Giuliani states that President Obama does not love America. Everyone knows this is a ridiculous statement, but many Republicans support the allegations. “I do not believe—and I know this is a horrible thing to say—but I do not believe that the president loves America,” Giuliani said at a New York dinner.

This statement makes no sense, but we must remember that the attacks must never stop because strategically, that is the plan. Also, we must remember that the attacks do not have to be based on facts or truths because the goal is to tear down the integrity of the man, our president.

“What I’m saying is that in his rhetoric, I very rarely hear him say the things that I used to hear Ronald Regan and Bill Clinton say, about how much he loves America. It sounds like he’s more of a critic than he is a supporter,” says Giuliani.

It is obvious that Giuliani has selective hearing, and he is not listening when the president is talking about how a bi-racial man of humble beginnings, can rise to the highest office in the land. Maybe he is forgetting the slogan “Yes We Can,” which transformed the way the internet can raise millions of dollars with $10 and $25 donations from millions of Americans. Every day the president wakes up, he thanks God for being born in America, and the opportunity to be the first Black president in America.

There is no reason to try and change the empty rhetoric from Giuliani because this is not the first time Republicans have tried to question the president’s patriotism. Back in 2007, President Obama’s love for his country came into question because he was not wearing a flag pin.

“I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest. Instead, I’m gonna try to tell the American people what I believe what will make this country great and hopefully that will be a testimony to my patriotism,” says the president in 2007.

President Obama is working every day to improve the country, and give all Americans the opportunity to live a better life. America is not perfect, but the president loves the country with every part of his being.

Everyone has an opportunity to criticize the policies and the ideology of the president. But to attack and criticize the president’s patriotism and love for America is wrong, and he deserves an apology. In order to build a more perfect union at times it is necessary to create a new paradigm shift, but your love for what the country stands for is never diminished.     Bill

President Obama gave his sixth State of the Union address, and only 31.7 million Americans watched the speech on television. This was the lowest number on record according to Nielsen, and the Obama administration is trying to increase that number of viewers on 12 networks. During the first State of the Union address there were 59 million viewers and it appeared that the American public was more engaged.
Americans in 2015 do not trust politicians and it is reflected at the ballot box, and when the president makes a speech. During the 2014 election, many of the voters left early in Maryland, when the president gave a campaign speech. The Republicans won the majority in both Houses in 2014 because the Democrats never showed up at the ballot box. Ninety-three percent of Blacks are Democrats, and it appeared they thought the 2014 election was not important.
Everyone in the Democratic Party is making excuses for the beating they took in that election, but it seems that no one cares. Starting with the Chairlady of the party, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz acts like it is okay to lose, and quite frankly she needs to be fired. But the leadership of the party looks the other way and the party operates as an exclusive social club.
Somewhere in their $2,500 dinners and long gowns, they have forgotten the grass root folks who get the people out to vote. When the Democratic leadership is always asking for money, and refusing to fund Black candidates, many Black Democrats argue that the party is racist.
At the State of the Union address last week, the president was charged up, and he laid out a number of proposals, but Blacks are starting to think that he was just talking. Many Blacks believe, based on their mistreatment by police and the president talking about there is only one America, “The United States of America,” something is fundamentally wrong. Maybe when President Obama gives a State of the Union address, he puts on his blinders and tries to find a middle ground.
“Understand—a better politics isn’t one where Democrats abandon their agenda or Republicans simply embrace mine. A better politics is one where we appeal to each other’s basic decency instead of our basest fears. A better politics is one where we debate without demonizing each other; where we talk issues, and values, and principles, and facts, rather than ‘gotcha’ moments, or trivial gaffes, or fake controversies that have nothing to do with people’s daily lives” says the president at his State of the Union address.
On paper these words sound great, but everyone knows the Republicans have waited six years to control both Houses, and they are not planning to be civil, or compromise with the Democrats. They plan to push their conservative agenda forward, and Blacks and poor folks are the first to be eliminated in their policies.
There are no excuses for Blacks who did not show up at the polls in 2014 to vote. The Republicans have the country on lock-down, and their policies will force Blacks to unite and mobilize. When we show that we don’t care about the ballot box, and we don’t listen to the president, we must place the blame on our shoulders.
The new Jim Crow will raise its ugly head and the abuse and mistreatment of Blacks and the poor will be monumental. Voting levels the playing field in America and in 2014 Blacks did not honor our elders, and forgot that many of them died for the right to vote.

There are millions of Americans that will tell you that there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They will also tell you that they don’t vote, because it does not matter who is the Speaker of the House, and which party has the majority in the House or Senate. But the majority of Americans cannot tell you the name of the governor of their state, and the vice president’s name of the country.

In 2015, the Republicans will be the majority party in the House and Senate, and very few Americans understand what this means. The majority party in the Congress means that they will become the chairperson of the major committees, where all the bills are worked on and completed. The chairperson decides the agenda for the committees, and what bills will be sent to the floor to vote on.

In the last four years the Republicans in the House have decided what bills are discussed and worked on in the committees. Since the Democrats were controlling the Senate, the House could never get their bills pass the Senate, and there was gridlock in Washington. The two parties were always fighting, so very few bills were signed into law by the president in the last four years.

Some experts call this the “do nothing Congress” but the Republicans have the majority in both Houses now. Since the Republicans control both Houses, they will push a right-wing extremist agenda.  But in the American Democratic system, there are checks and balances, and the president has the power of the veto. With the Senate being Democrat the last four years, they did the dirty work, and the House’s right-wing agenda was stopped in its tracks.

But now with Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) in charge, there is no doubt in the Senate that the new committee chairpersons do not agree with the president’s positions, and ideology. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), will probably become the chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and he has always been very critical of everything the president has done. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is expected to take over the Senate Budget Committee, and now the president will be forced to negotiate with conservatives who are opposed to clean energy, and energy efficiency standards.

Everyone who follows the federal lawmakers knows that the Republicans will try to roll back or repeal the ACA. It should be easy to pass laws to repeal the ACA, and it will get ugly when it gets to the president’s desk to sign. It makes no difference that the ACA has given seven million Americans healthcare insurance, the Republicans only want to destroy the president’s achievements that have helped millions of citizens.

The Republicans have always been more connected to the super rich, and they will probably try to roll back the Dodd-Frank financial law. During the next two years, all the Republicans will talk about is making the federal government smaller. But when the Republican governors talk about smaller governments, their budgets are some of the largest in the history of their state.

I have come to believe that Republicans like to say one thing and do another. They say they are for the American people, but the super rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There are huge differences between the two parties, and eighty-five percent of the Republican Party is white. White people are exclusive when they govern, and America is now multi-cultural, so Republicans are on the wrong side of history.

Democrats support common people, who are the huge majority of Americans, and Republicans support the rich who are only 5% of the country.

As you are reading this article, American are voting and the results of the mid-term election will be finalized in most states in one more day. There will be surprises and there will be devastating defeats for many incumbents. But the voting process will be fair, impartial and the majority of Americans will accept the results.
I wish that I had a crystal ball and I could predict the winners in certain races, but the count of votes will determine the victors. The pundits and political strategies’ will explain why certain candidates won, and many will say the winners spent 100 million dollars on their campaigns. Others will say, their ground game was better organized, and others will say the money the candidate spent on the media was the determining factor.
But in the final analysis, there will be a loser and a winner, and in the majority of the races it will be a Republican or a Democrat. The race can be dirty, nasty, and filled with fabrications, but each vote is your voice, and Americans has lost their trust in the system and process.
Traditionally, African Americans do not vote in the mid-term elections, but we have the ability to change the outcome of many elections in many states with our vote. More than 100 Black candidates will be on the ballots in statewide elections, and many political experts argue that this is a byproduct of Barack Obama’s historic presidency. Black political representation in American Democracy is not going away, and more African Americans are more engaged in the political process, than ever before.
In 2012, Blacks surpassed the white turnout in terms of percentage voting for the first time, according to the Census Bureau. This is a phenomenal achievement considering 50 years ago; Blacks were fighting for an opportunity to vote. There were 66% of Blacks who voted, and 64% of whites who voted in the 2012 election.
The court is still out in 2014, but civil rights groups, nonprofit social agencies, and Black churches are coordinating “Get Out the Vote” events for early voting around the country. I live in Florida, and the churches, Black politicians, and civil organizations are working around the clock to get the “Souls to the Polls.” It is possible that the 2014 election could change voting for minorities in the mid-term, because positive coalitions have worked together to make a difference.
NAACP Cincinnati chapter presidential candidate Rob Richardson said, “Voting isn’t just a right, voting is a responsibility. It’s a responsibility to your community and your families. Voting is saying thank you to all those who have fought for civil rights in the past and continuing that fight into the future, because it never ends.”
Voting is fundamental and it is time for Blacks to speak with their vote, so they will stop being ignored. The majority of Blacks are Democrats, but the Democratic Party refuses to spend money with the Black media until the last four weeks of the election. There is a need for Blacks to be elected in leadership positions in the Democratic Party, to ensure the party spends money throughout the entire campaign, as opposed to the last four weeks with the Black media to be successful.
The National and State Democratic Parties must get the Black community engaged in the 2016 election in 2015. Many Black candidates around the country received no funding from the Democratic Party, but their White counterpart received hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases millions.
As the 2014 election is almost completed, now the Democratic leadership is courting the Black vote. Some think, it is too late to spend money with the Black media, and this should have been done at the beginning of the election.

The 2014 election is the last election that President Obama will have to take the blame for everything that has gone wrong with America. Americans operates from the philosophy of what have you done for me lately, and it does not matter what you did for me yesterday. The president’s poll numbers are the lowest since he has been in office, and the Republicans and conservatives think everyone in the country believe he is doing a terrible job.
Even though, the unemployment number is under 6%, the first time in 6 years, and it marked the 48th straight month of job growth, the Republicans are still mad. The stock market is enjoying one of the best markets in years, and breaking all kinds of records, but the president is not given any credit. The ACA is working and 10 million Americans now have health insurance, but the media is barely talking about the president’s achievements.
When the president was elected in 2008, almost every industry was close to being bankrupted, and his systems and policies resuscitated the economy. Now, in 2014 it appears that the president will pay the price for doing a good job. Logically, Americans actions make no sense, but it looks like the Democrats may lose the Senate to the Republicans.
Instead of American rewarding the Democrats with more representatives, it appears they will have less in the Senate. The political experts are forecasting that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and this would destroy the power balance in the federal government.
Presently the Democrats control the Senate and the Republicans control the House of Representatives, but if the Republicans control both the Houses, the agenda and initiatives will change. All the bills will be focused on conservative ideology and Tea Party policies.
At the present time in the Senate there are 53 Democrats, and 45 Republicans, with 2 independents voting with the Democratic caucus. But in this midterm election, there are 36 seats up for re-election and there are eight contests that can go other way. The Democrats are playing defense in these races, but most of these states are red or the Republican candidate has taken a small lead.
The states that are too close to call a winner are Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. The Republicans are spending millions of dollars in these races and the Democrats are having a hard time keeping up with GOP donations and super PAC’s.
In many of these races, the Democratic candidates refuse to allow the president to campaign in their state. They think that President Obama will hurt their chances to win their election, because many residents consider the president a failure. Republicans have convinced a segment of America that the president does not know what he is doing, and anyone who is a liberal that supports his policies is wrong.
America is at a crossroad, and the winners of this election will determine how our representatives will govern. If the Republicans gain control of the Senate, they will decide what does and does not get to the floor for consideration, and there would be a huge change in priorities. This would be terrible for the country and Obama’s presidency.
There will be less than seven days and America will decide which path it will choose. This election will determine if the country continues to move forward, or slip back into obstruction and misery. Please vote with your heart in the 2014 election, and vote Democrat.

    President Obama has officially ended the war in Iraq. It has cost the United States $1 trillion, 4,500 soldiers have died, and 32,000 soldiers have been wounded. There are over 100,000 Iraqis killed in the war, and there are over 100,000 Iraqis who have been injured and wounded.

The infrastructure in the country has been demolished by bombs and war, and women and children have been mentally and physically destroyed. President Obama has been against this war before it started and many political experts believe Obama’s position on the war helped him win the election.

“As a candidate for president, I planned to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. So today, I can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year. After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” said President Obama.

Many pundits and experts think this is the wrong time to end the war, because the Iraqis are not ready to stabilize and secure the country. They think the terrorist will take back control of the country, and destroy the fragile democracy being practiced today. No one knows the answer to that question, but the country is given the opportunity to stand on its own two feet.

President Obama flew to Iraq last week to thank the troops for their service. Eight years after the United States launched Operation Iraqi Freedom, and toppled Saddam Hussein, the remaining troops are on their way home. The withdrawal will be a quiet affair and a small force of 200 will be left in the country.

“Iraq is not a perfect place but we are leaving a sovereign, stable and self-reliant country, with a representative government elected by the people,” President Obama told troops in Iraq. Ending a war is a difficult process, and there will always be the question, “If this war was worth the sacrifice and all the money?”

Many in the United States do not believe that the Iraq war was about weapons of mass destruction. They believe that the Iraq war was about the control and use of their oil. There have always been sanctions on Iraq starting back in 1991, which was controlled by the U.N. Initially the amount of oil the country could export was 2 billion of oil every six months and was later increased to 5 billion of oil every six month.

The oil was primarily controlled by the US and England, and the sanctions were finally lifted in 2010. Many of the children in the country have died because the Iraqis traded food for oil. High rates of malnutrition, lack of medical supplies, and diseases from lack of clean water were reported during sanctions.

There is no telling what will happen to Iraq in the future. Oil will be the major export for the country, and there has been very little public information on whom or what countries will control the export of the oil.

President Obama has kept his promise and the ending of the war helps his foreign policy credentials. The president has had a string of successes with the death of Khadafy’s death, assassination of major Al-Qaeda figures, and the killing of Osama bin-Laden.

With the ending of the war, I hope the president will be able to save money and help create jobs. The president also may be able to cut the budget and funding of the military, because there is no war.


        The Democrats are rolling out a new website called “protecting the vote.” This will be a comprehensive effort to educate voters about their rights and the new law enacted by the different states impacting voting.

There are now 29 Republican governors in the United States in 2011, and this gives the Republican Party an advantage in changing and creating laws. The major goal in the 2012 election for the Republican Party is to make President Obama a one term president. The Republican governors and legislators are using the legal system to restrict or limit voter’s ability to cast their ballots.

The Republicans are claiming that in 2008, there was major voter fraud and it is necessary to prevent this practice with tougher voter regulations. In 30 states across the country, Republican governors have enacted strict photo ID requirements, and reduced the availability of early voting. They are also making it harder to register new voters, and challenge the citizenship of eligible voters.

There is a full-scale attack on the right to vote, and millions of ex-offenders across the country are finding that their civil rights are not being restored, keeping them from voting. In the 2008 presidential election there were more citizens voting in the history of the country. There were 62% of all eligible voters voting, and that was the highest turnout rate in the past century.

The electorate was the most demographically diverse in United States’ history of voting. The great expansion of voters was in the increase of young voters, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans, which signaled the importance of the Voting Rights laws. America was moving toward a more democratic country, where more Americans were included in the political process.

In 2008, nearly 40 million Americans cast ballots early or through the absentee voting process. Over 1 million voters registered on Election Day, and Americans from groups traditionally underrepresented at the ballot box participated in record numbers. The 2008 electorate was the largest and most racially and ethnically diverse in the history of the United States.

But in the last three years the Republicans are trying to turn back the hands of the clock. The Republicans have strategically decided to organize a movement to make voting more restrictive. They have researched and studied the profile of a Democrat and President Obama supporter, and their goal is to suppress the vote.

The Republicans are aware that they have a better chance of beating President Obama if there are less eligible Democratic voters. Winning an election is a numbers game, and beating President Obama will be determined by which party has the most voters at the polls.

In the coming months, the Republicans will come up with new ideas to further their movement to restrict and suppress voting rights. By restricting different stages of the voting process, each measure is designed to cut eligible voters from the electorate. Each new suppression or restrictive law narrows the American electorate, and benefits the Republican candidate.

The progress in the last presidential election can be reversed if the Democrats are not vigilant in protecting the right to vote. It is important to be informed with the new voting rights laws in your state, and continue to register new voters. President Obama is on the threshold to win his second term in office.

Legally, it is important to challenge illegal laws and tricks, when it comes to voting rights. If Democrats do not mobilize, organize, and get more citizens registered to vote, we will be defeated in 2012. The power of the vote is in our hands, and we have the opportunity to win.

For the last month, President Obama has traveled around the country drumming up support, and explaining the benefits of his American Jobs Act. This week in October, the Senate will vote on passing the $447 billion jobs act. Many independent economist and experts support this initiative, and believe the jobs act has the potential to lower unemployment.
On September 8th, the president laid out his American Jobs Act to a joint session of Congress, and a national television audience. “The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple: to put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working. It will create more jobs for construction workers, more jobs for teachers, more jobs for veterans, and more jobs for the long-term unemployed,” said President Obama.
President Obama is calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act now. The recovery of our economy is extremely fragile, and businesses need consumers to spend money. The only way businesses can continue to grow, and be successful is that they hire more employees.
The American Jobs Act has five main components to help create jobs. The first component is “Tax Cuts to help Americans” with small businesses hire and grow. The president is proposing immediate incentives for small businesses to support hiring and investment from now into 2012. He also is asking for millionaires and billionaires to pay a more equitable share in their percentage of taxes.
The second component is putting “Workers Back on the Job,” while rebuilding and modernizing America. The president is proposing putting Americans to work rebuilding roads, railways, bridges, and schools in need of repair. He would also like to save 280,000 teaching jobs, and make a $30 billion investment to rehire more or laid-off educators.
The third component is “Pathways Back to Work” for Americans looking for jobs. The president is proposing sweeping reforms to the unemployment insurance to help those without jobs transition to the workforce. There will be a need for transitional training through workforce initiatives, for people who need updated skills and technology training.
The fourth component is “More in the Pockets” of every American worker and family. The president’s plan will expand the payroll tax cut, cutting workers payroll taxes in half next year. This provision will provide a tax cut of $1500 to the typical family earning $50,000 a year.
The fifth component is that the American Jobs Act is “Fully Paid For.” The president will release a detailed deficit reduction plan that will pay for every penny of the bill. This component will be extremely challenging, because there is still no concrete evidence that this job act will not cost additional funding.
Ironically, as the president is proposing the jobs act, there is a movement in the country to demonstrate against the large international conglomerates that control the world. This demonstration started on Wall Street. Now all around the country, citizens are protesting the large conglomerates practices and actions, and they want them to pay their share of taxes.
The president is asking Americans to call up their Congressperson, to make sure our legislators know that they need to pass the bill now. Faye Wyoming a citizen says, “It is time to stop the bickering, stop the squabbling, and put Americans back to work.”
As Americans speak out, and support the American Jobs Act, it will be difficult to get the act passed. There will be 60 Senate votes needed to pass the bill, and many experts think the Democrats in the Senate do not have enough votes.

Congress in session

Everywhere you go in the United States, you hear people talking about making the federal government smaller. Many conservatives are considering revolting against the federal government and making the states more powerful.

Even in the state of Florida, our governor is refusing money from the federal government to build high speed rail. Our governor believes that our state could end up owing the entire $2.4 billion back to the government, if there are problems with the construction and the project is not completed. Based on his studies, there are too many “ifs and maybes” to risk the taxpayer’s hard earned money and resources.

Many governors in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida have decided that they will solve their own problems with limited interference from the federal government. Many of these states are controlled by conservative legislatures and governors, and they want to limit union intervention, and collective bargaining. They believe that they have a mandate from the people, and the same philosophy is prevalent with Republicans in the federal Congress.

These Republicans in the Congress are conservative, and believe that they were sent to Washington with a mission. Their goal is to cut spending and help to shrink the federal government. Even though the budget was $3.1 trillion when Bush was president, they want to turn back the hands of time.

The Republicans argue with the Democrats, and the Democrats argue with the Republicans over $100 billion in cuts. Both parties know that $100 billion is a small percentage of the budget, and they are fighting over peanuts. When the proposed budget for 2012 is $3.7 trillion, and the deficit is $1.3 trillion, there are other fundamental problems with balancing our federal budget.

Our country continues to fight one major war that is costing on the average, $9 billion a month and we are also dumping around $5 billion a month in Iraq, and there is no telling what the expense to keep bases around the world.  It is obvious fighting wars that we can not win is a terrible strategy, and a drain on our resources and funds.

Somewhere in President Obama campaign and the reality of Washington, our country is caught between a rock and a hard place. Cutting social programs for the poor, minorities, women, children and the elderly is no way to run the richest country on earth. Our politicians are looking in the wrong places to cut expenses.

President Obama

President Obama was right when he stated that the rich 2% of our population needs to pay more taxes, because of our deficits, and they can afford it. By the same token, our international corporations and conglomerates can afford to pay more taxes. The middle class, the poor, and the small businesses should receive a break on taxes.

It is time for the president to take a position and establish his leadership role in the Congress, and with the conservative governors around the country. The president must take the initiative and establish where the right places to make the cuts in his budget. Shutting down some of the military bases around the world could save our country billions.

Our country could save billions by stopping policing the world and stop financing corrupt governments who we want to be our friends. Finally, we should stop fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and redirect the savings to balance our budget, and improve our infrastructure.

Many of the cuts that Republicans and the Democrats are making are for show. If they are serious about balancing our budget, they will help end the wars, and tax the people and the corporations in the country who can afford to pay.