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Vice President Joe Biden has made his decision not run for president in 2016. In many political circles, there are gametes of viewpoints, which really don’t matter. Some will argue that this decision will hurt the Democratic Party, because Hillary Clinton will put her campaign on auto-pilot and cruise into the nomination. Others think this decision is great news for the Democratic Party, because it will build a united and organized infrastructure early, with the endorsement of President Obama.

The Vice President in his national public address, on his decision appeared to be a presidential address of why the Democrats needed him in the campaign. With the tragic death of his son, and his personal age of 72 were good reasons to refrain from the scrutiny of campaign insaneness. But, in all probability, it was just not the right time for Uncle Joe to run.

Each presidential nominee will spend over a billion dollars in this president election, and it will be one of the nastiest and dirtiest campaigns in the history of the country. The Democratic Party from the very start of the campaign had already decided that Mrs. Clinton was the nomination for the party. Mrs. Clinton has learnt from the campaign in 2008, that there is an invisible campaign that takes place in backroom meeting behind closed doors.

Mrs. Clinton is winning in the polls as the front-runner, but she is also winning in the invisible campaign in back rooms. The back rooms far away from the public’s eyes are where the powerful decisions are made, and the real money is divided. These invited guests shot with real bullets, and they are handing over large sums of cash to be at the table.

There have been no defections from Mrs. Clinton’s camp, and her team is ready for the long-haul. Her people believe that she will be the first woman president in the country, and the Clinton doctrine is working. She is building a strong coalition of moderates, nonwhites, women, and older voters, which maker her extremely hard to beat.

Vice President Joe Biden’s advisors, colleagues, and friends urged him to stay out of the race based on “personal considerations.” Personal considerations essentially meant that the Democratic leadership had made a decision at the beginning of this campaign to go with Mrs. Clinton, and their minds were made up.

This does not mean that something could go wrong with Mrs. Clinton’s health, or the Republicans can find major dirt, or maybe manufacture a campaign changing scandal. But, if Mrs. Clinton is able to steer clear of personal and public scandals, the nomination for the Democratic Party is within her grasp. She is the only viable mainstream Democratic candidate in the race, and her experience, and track record is impeccable.

Bernie Sanders has an edge over Hillary, when it comes to white progressives with cash. This will help keep Bernie in the race in the early primary states, but eventually Hillary’s team and her invisible campaign will win.

With Joe Biden out, Hillary Clinton is in, and the male chauvinists must recognize that this is a new day. Hillary Clinton is articulate, knowledgeable, smart, and well prepared to lead America into the 21st century. There is talk in many Democratic circles that veteran Representative Elijah Cummings from Baltimore would be an excellent candidate for Vice President.

Nevertheless, the Democrats must build a comprehensive platform that addresses all citizens, and leaves no segment of America out. When the Democrats show up at the polls, they win. Mrs. Clinton has worked her entire life to reach this point in her political life, and now she must mobilize and excite her party, because  America is ready for the first woman president.


“Be careful what you ask for, because when you get it, you have to make it work.” Since President Obama has been in office, the Republicans have complained about his policies, his initiatives, and everything he has done. Our president has delivered on many of his promises, and has improved the economy, and kept the citizens safe at home. The president has lost the majority in both houses, but still he has had more victories than defeats.

In 2010, President Obama lost the House of Representatives to the Republicans, and in 2014, he lost the majority in the Senate. Since 2008, the Republicans’ goal was to make President Obama a one term president, and obstruct every policy and law he implemented. Many consider the president to be an outsider, who happens to be Black, and does not fit the usual model for the president of the United States.

But in the seven years that President Obama has been in office, he has achieved almost everything that he promised he would do, and there is a long list of his accomplishments.  He was able to get the Affordable Health Care Act implemented which gave 30 million more Americans health care insurance. He reformed student loan programs, ended two wars, passed reasonable policies with Cuba, established a Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, and hundreds of other laws and policies.

The president will go down in history as one of the greatest to hold the office, when the dust settles, and he receives a fair and impartial assessment of his accomplishments. But, mid-term elections have been brutal for the president, and the Republicans finally got what they have fought so hard for. In 2014, the Republicans won the largest majority in Congress in fifty years, but there is more dysfunction and paralysis, then every before.

When the Senate was controlled by the Democrats, the House controlled by the Republicans, the legislature was able to circumvent one problem to the next. But now we find the House without a Speaker, and it appears that no one wants the job. To many in the House, this is a dead end job, where you get all the headaches and no one says thank you.

Many believe that the almost Ex-Speaker of the House John Boehner was pushed out of his position by a small group of radical Republicans, who are not willing to compromise, and have no idea what they really want. Instead of the Republicans working as a unified party, the different caucuses appear to be at war with each other. The new laws on financing are steering millions of dollars to different representatives, who have a far right ideology.

Instead of the Republicans working for Americans, and getting transformative bills passed, there is gridlock in both Houses. Speaker John Boehner has resigned from his position, and the Republicans look silly as they bump into each other, not knowing their next steps.

It is very easy to talk a good game, but it is extremely hard to execute your plan. The Republicans now have the power, but everything is at a standstill, because they never had a workable plan for America. Conservative Republicans are refusing to compromise, and reach over the aisle to get things done.

As long as the different caucuses in the Republican Party act like spoiled children, nothing will get done in Congress. President Obama will continue to meet his objectives and goals, and work his magic. It is easy for the Republicans to keep saying that the president has not done anything, but in the real world, Republicans are doing nothing and making a huge mess.


Blood is on everyone’s hand in America, because we have the power to stop horrendous acts of murder with guns, yet nothing is done. In 2015, Americans believe they need a gun to protect themselves from criminals, but the majority of mass shooting come from young White men who live next door to each other. It makes no sense for an individual to own 15 different guns, and no one questions the purpose of an arsenal of guns.

Mass killings have been identified as 4 deaths or more, by one or more shooter. Since 2013, MSNBC News-Host Rachel Maddox confirmed that there has been a mass shooting every week, and Americans think this is normal behavior. There are over 300 million guns in circulation, and the president feels powerless when it comes to gun control.

Americans have a sick obsession with guns, but on October 1, 2015, President Obama was given the responsibility to announce to the cameras again, another community traumatized by a mass shooting. This time it was at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, where a gunman went on another mass killing spree of 9 people, and he was eventually gunned down by the police. This was another massacre, where family and community members will be forced to relive this experience the rest of their lives.

It is time for Americans to repeal the second amendment, control gun sales, and use. It makes no sense for a 26 year old to own 15 guns, unless he is getting ready to go to war. Police have the ability to control every aspect of an individual’s life, but they refuse to keep a record of how many guns an individual purchases.

Guns ownership should not be a constitutional right, and guns should be regulated like any other consumer product. Guns are deadly weapons, and they must be strictly regulated and controlled, and subject to federal and state laws. In countries all over the world guns are controlled, and there are very few mass shooting, because the citizens care.

Americans have the ability to stop mass killings, but it must start in our thinking of guns. Nothing is going to change with mass shooting, until voters hold their representatives accountable to strict control and regulation of guns. Americans must stop pretending, and ignoring citizens who walk around with guns, and think guns are a constitutional right.

Guns are weapons, and it was evident that Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, had mental health issues, and he was preparing for a sick experiment with guns. It is time for Americans to open up their eyes, and start asking questions when an individual has an arsenal of weapons, and they are a college student, or just a regular hard working individual. Guns must be regulated, controlled, and taxed like any other consumer good.

Americans are not powerless, and gun ownership as a constitutional right must be repealed. Everyone should understand that the second amendment was intended to ensure that an armed militia could be assembled, but that time has passed. Gun ownership as a constitutional right is a tragic historical accident, and representatives must be held accountable to change this mistake.

Americans can continue to pretend that mass shootings are not epidemic, and there is nothing we can do. But with courage, we can start a movement to control guns and repeal the second amendment. When there has been a mass shooting every week since 2013, it is time to stop pretending.

Mass killing should not be routine, and it is time to repeal gun ownership as a constitutional right. The only way we can get rid of the blood on our hands is we take action; hold our representatives accountable with our vote, and show we care.